Tuesday, February 27, 2007

So, it's been a while, but it's time for me to go to bed, early work mornings.
I shall leave you with a direct cut and paste from
my LJ

So, this weekend was another trip to Disneyland with my annual passholder cohorts, Mary and Kathy. Mostly to celebrate Kathy's b-day a bit late with dinner at the Blue Bayou. First time there, good food, nice dessert, disappointingly no pin. It was insanely crowded in the morning, but did die down toward evening. Seemed like we did a lot of running around getting Fastpasses this time, less riding rides.

This weekend was also spent putting together my new bike; yes, as in the pedal-it-yourself kind. Why do I need a bike in LA? Well, I'm just more green like that. Besides, it's a good way to attempt to destroy flabby thighs. Anyway, a softer seat and breaks that actually work are also definite improvements.

I finally finished the double trouble paintings at work and now we just have to get someone to take photos of them, so they can be blown up 4x their size. But, since that's done, it's off to the project that I shoved on the wayside while trying to get this project done. Back to the shorebirds. At least they're more fun to draw, and smaller too. Making myself blind in front of Google Earth, trying to see where the "rivers" come from wasn't much fun. Besides all that city gray was kinda depressing. Anyway, I probably only have a few more days to finish the current shorebirds paintings and be bombarded with more requests.