Thursday, November 12, 2009

Back to Black

While I have done some color pieces for work, it's all been concept for projects that aren't public yet, so here's a few more ink spots that I've done lately. On the homefront, I am working on a couple of pieces, but they are still WIP.

Here's a whitespotted bamboo shark:

A porcupinefish, no species in particular but the markings were modeled after a Diodon holocanthus:

A male American Kestrel:

A Harris's Hawk; I feel like the head's too big:

And while not strictly black and white, it is fairly monochromatic. Here's an octopus done in Adobe Illustrator in the style of Live Trace for a volunteer name tags board:

Working on a Crested Caracara pen and ink drawing now. Otherwise, mostly working on new signage.