Friday, December 03, 2010

Fun Fish in Black and White

These are from a while ago now, maybe a couple months ago, but I was going through the education list of fish illustrations they didn't have and chose my favorites to start off with. For me, pen and ink is a very calm affair, zen-like almost. Turn on the music/podcast and slowly watch a piece develop under your hands. The time frame for these illustrations was more than usual since I was just filling time between projects, so they're more detailed than I would normally get.

The best of the recent black and white illustrations:

A frogfish.
They move around on their fins like they're part walking, part hopping along the ocean floor. They're also related to anglerfish and are ambush predators with a lure on their head.

A Pacific spiny lumpsucker.
These guys always remind me of muppets. A very cute fish. Their disk shaped ventral fin lets them hold onto rocks in high tide areas.

A wolf eel.
Not truly an eel—they have pectoral fins—these guys have some brilliant orange and brown colors with blue-green eyes as babies and then turn into grey, spotted, heavy-jawed animals as adults.