Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Water Wise Plants for the Home Garden

The Aquarium of the Pacific had it's official opening of its Earth-Friendly Garden on Earth Day 2010, featuring drought-resistant plants. The goal of this project was to show a variety of plants that had low water usage and that also looked beautiful, encouraging guests to plant a few in their home garden. I did the illustrations for the signs and based the layout on existing signage. Ahead are just a few of the many beautiful choices for a drought-resistant garden.

Foxtail Agave
Agave attenuata

Blue Fingers
Senecio mandraliscae

California Lilac "Blue Cushion"
Ceanothus "Blue Cushion"

Douglas Iris
Iris douglasiana

Jester Flax
Phormium tenax "Jester"

Spanish Lavender
Lavandula stoechas "Otto Quast"

Carmel Sur Manzanita
Arcostaphylos edmundsii "Carmel Sur"

Rock Rose
Cistus "Sunset"

Cleveland Sage
Salvia clevelandii "Winnifred Gilman"

Next time, a post of the actual signs and some plant illustrations from last year for the Watershed Exhibit website.

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